Kwerty Gmail Notifier 1.3 released

Kwerty Gmail Notifier 1.3 has been released with a minor bug fix.

  • Fixed bug with inbox/compose links not opening correctly (mostly on Windows 8)

All previous version expire on 2013/01/01, so you’ll need to get the updated version.

Download here

Happy Holidays


FileLaser service has been shut down

Unfortunately FileLaser shut down, so obviously FileLaser Uploader no longer works. I’m not aware of any alternative upload services which match FileLaser in terms of speed and openness, so until I find one I guess the code goes to waste.


FileLaser Uploader released

Small fixes –

  • One particular asynchronous call was not being correctly completed
  • If upload is cancelled and then the web request throws an exception, none of the upload’s resources are cleaned up
  • Speed average calculation tweak

Also, FileLaser have started advertising our product :}


Kwerty FileLaser Uploader now released

Kwerty FileLaser Uploader is a free desktop app for uploading files to the FileLaser service.

Upload the files you want to share then copy the URLs and send them to friends, which they can use to download the files. All you need is a free FileLaser account and you’re good to go.


  • Preserve your anonymity using proxy servers
  • Drag and drop files into the main window for quick uploading
  • Copy multiple URLs into a line delimited list

Head over to the Kwerty FileLaser Uploader homepage to download